Terms of use

When you want to make use of any of the material from the Sensoa Flag System, you need to accept and comply with the Terms of Use

Read on to find find the complete Terms of Use you need to accept and comply with when you want to make use of any of the material from the Sensoa Flag System.

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What is the international community?

Sensoa – developer of the Flag System – asked Rutgers to support European organisations with the implementation of the Flag System.

Rutgers is creating an international community to offer this support. Our main objective is to enhance healthy sexual development of children and young people in Europe and to prevent sexual coercion. 

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Best Practices of implementation

Constant collaboration between national implementers and specific partners in a setting where the Flag System is used is part of the success in development and implementation.

Here, you can read more about the different implementation practices that have already been successful.

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Rutgers and Sensoa are working as partners to implement The Flag System in Europe. Together with other European partners we work towards a world in which people are free to make sexual and reproductive choices, respecting the rights of others in supportive societies.

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