Main objectives

The Flag System focuses on support for sexual development and protecting the sexual integrity of children and young people at three levels: children and young people aged 0-18 years, the expertise of professionals and organisational policy.

  1. Target group level: Children and young people are sexually resilient
  • Sub-objective 1: Children and young people are able to assess when sexual behaviour is okay and when it’s not.
  • Sub-objective 2: Children and young people are able to communicate appropriately about sexuality and boundaries.
  • Sub-objective 3: Children and young people can respond appropriately to unacceptable sexual behaviour.

These objectives are not always feasible for children and young people with a serious disability. This means that their resilience will remain limited to the context and so the expertise of the supporting adult is important.

  1. Professional level: Professionals feel more competent in positively supporting healthy sexual behaviour and curbing unacceptable sexual behaviour
  • Sub-objective 1: Professionals can appropriately assess sexual behaviour.
  • Sub-objective 2:Professionals are able to discuss sexual behaviour with all stakeholders.
  • Sub-objective 3: Professionals can demonstrate an appropriate educational approach.
  1. Organisational level: Senior practitioners ensure that the preconditions needed for sustainable and sound organisational policy in relation to sexual health and prevention of unacceptable sexual behaviour are and remain in place
  • Sub-objective 1: The organisation has a vision of how sexual health can be promoted in children and young people, and how unacceptable sexual behaviour can be prevented.
  • Sub-objective 2: The organisation is able to realise this policy in a number of sustainable measures and interventions.
  • Sub-objective 3: The organisation is responsible for a regular evaluation and adjustment of the policy.