History of origin

In 2008, Erika Frans from Sensoa (Belgium) started on what would eventually become the Sensoa Flag System in 2010. The Flag System is a method to help professionals judge the sexual behaviour of and towards children and youths in a fair manner and provide an appropriate response to it.

This method has been developed by working closely with the Flemish work field in Belgium; consecutively, the co-workers at Movisie translated this into a context that was fit for the Netherlands. Already, the method has been widely used in both Flanders (part of Belgium) and the Netherlands. For implementation purposes Sensoa and Movisie developed extra materials for specific sectors (such as sports, youth work and education). Together with Rutgers and other parties the method was adapted for use in the residential youth care sector.

While working with the various elements of the method, it became clear that there was a need for additional and more in-depth material. This  was a need the manual ‘Outside of the Lines’ wanted to meet as it translated the Sensoa Flag System to benefit children and youths with special needs (low IQ), a migration background, and gender and psychiatric disorders. The manual was published in 2016 by a partnership between Sensoa and Dutch partners Movisie and Rutgers, adapting the method for the full Dutch-speaking language area to connect specific expertise on this subject.