About the Flag System

The Sensoa Flag System© is an evidence-based tool for assessing acceptable and unacceptable sexual behaviour of children and young people aged 0-18 years.

The Flag System is used in supporting healthy sexual development and preventing sexual coercion. It gives insights into sexuality, desires, boundaries, criteria and gradations of sexual behaviour, making them ‘open’ subjects, and thus easier to talk about. 

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Implement the Flag System

Rutgers would like to stimulate the use of the Flag System in Europe.

Our main objective is to enhance healthy sexual development of children and young people in Europe and to prevent sexual coercion. 

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How does it work?
drawing mums and dads

The Flag System uses six criteria for identifying sexual behaviour, four categories (flags) for gradations (green, yellow, red and black), a developmental chart with gradations of sexual behaviour, and a number of cards with situation drawings and the recommended educational responses.

Professionals use the drawings to discuss situations with, for example, co-workers. The criteria help them identify the sexual behaviour on the card. The flags are used to categorise the severity of the behaviour and determine the correct educational response.

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Flagsystem for working with adults

Launched april 2021

The Adult Flag System is intended for professionals working in health care, care for people with disabilities, elder care, mental health care, primary care, but it can also be useful  in the work context, leisure and sports.

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Order the Sensoa Flag System ©

The Sensoa Flag System © is available for ordering online in the Rutgers webshop. For more information and help with ordering the book, please send an e-mail to info@flagsystem.org

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